10 Best Christmas Food Recipes

1.  Mince Pies


These should be kept simple, nothing too fancy.  Make sure you leave a few out for the big guy on Christmas Eve with a swig of brandy.




2.  Prawn Cocktail


The classic Christmas starter, it’s always pretty great to find one of these in the fridge, especially after a Christmas night out at the pub.




3.  Cranberry and Cumbria Sauce


A great spin on this traditional accoutrement to the Christmas turkey, make a load of this and add to your stuffing, sandwiches or spread on your toast with some pâté.




4.  Roast Potatoes


The great thing about cooking your roast ‘taties over Christmas is that they really light the main meal up when you throw in a few additional extras.  I thoroughly recommend cooking your potatoes with the peel of a clementine (Christmas Combo 2 in Jamie Oliver’s recipe below) for a real festive flavour.  Cooking potatoes with goose fat is a great Christmas treat (a bit too unhealthy for the rest of the year), and gives the crispy texture a real something extra.




5.  Julmust


A drink many of you will never have come across before.  Made specifically for the traditional Swedish Christmas, this stuff tastes amazing, and is as important to the Swedes over Christmas as pickled herring.  Pick it up at IKEA, I think it should be drank all year round.




6.  Mulled Wine


A real winter-warmer, Mulled Wine is great when infused with woody spices, like cinnamon, cloves, lemon and a vanilla pod (not on the recipe below but a great addition).  A cheap bottle of red wine will be utterly transformed by this recipe.




7.  Roasted Chestnuts


Make good use of the Christmas fire at home, wrap some chestnuts in foil and dress with rosemary, nutmeg and butter. A really easy Christmassy snack.




8.  Pigs-In-Blankets

Glazed with honey, these little treats are an essential part of any Christmas spread.  The honey glazing really gives the recipe a slightly sweet kick.




9. Yule Log


A bit of an effort to make, but no Christmas would be complete without the yule log.  It takes some work, but you know you can make one…you most likely made on at primary school, using your fork to draw in the patterned bark!




10.  Roast Turkey


The pièce de résistance – place some rosemary, clementine peel, bay and thyme under the skin of the big bird; not only will it look great, with a marble-effect under the skin, but will boost the flavour immensely.  Try not to be afraid to over-cook, there is nothing worse than a dry turkey!




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