Name: Towers
Hall Chair: Gabriela Franchina
Location: East
Catering: Catered
Distance from the Union: 6 minutes

From the Hall Chair:

'Hi Freshers! My name is Gabby Franchina and I'm the Towers hall chair, I've lived in Towers for the last 2 years and have loved every minute of it. Towers is the tallest hall with the widest appeal and you freshlings are set for an amazing year. Towers gives you the best start of your Loughborough experience by not just having a freshers week but 17 of the best days of your life.

At Towers you have the opportunity to get involved in anything and everything that you are passionate about. This year we have so many types of events in store for all of you, from the Summer/Christmas Ball to sporting activities, opportunities to give back to the community and most of all just having a great time. At towers it's all about trying new things, making life-long friends and ultimately joining our Towers family.'


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