Loughborough University is well-known for its reputation, offering England’s ‘Best Student Experience’ for six consecutive years. Part of what makes Loughborough such a good choice is the extensive range of extra-curricular activities that it offers. And what better way to benefit from this, than to join one or two of the Student’s Union’s 70+ societies?

Here’s a message from your Societies President Georgia Cheyne:

“Joining societies is more than just a way of gaining new skills, it is a way of meeting people who love the same things as you and making amazing new friends. Some of the best friends that I have at the moment, I met through Societies. Joining a Society also looks incredible on your CV and is a great talking point in job interviews. With over 70 societies, there is something for everyone and if there isn't, I can help you start a new one!”

For the Adrenaline-Seekers:

Hiking: LSU’s hiking club can boast being ‘one of the biggest and most active’ of the SU. They are also open to both beginners and more experienced hikers.  In the past they have been on visits to The Peak District, The Lake District and Wales. Some of the trips planned for this autumn include trips to Snowdon Mountain, Castleton and Beacon Hill. And that’s not even mentioning the ‘candy theme’ party at Rain and ice-skating session in Nottingham! Website: http://www.lsuhc.org.uk/

Sky-Diving: The sky-divers train at BPS Langer, which offers amazing training for regular sky-divers and for beginners. It is also the ‘largest civilian drop zone in the UK’. The Sky-Diving society offers you courses to ensure that you get what you want to out of the experience.  Imagine being able to tell people you sky-dive in your spare team at university! And it is right on your doorstep. Website: http://www.lsu.co.uk/society/skydiving/

For the Sporty:

There are over 50 sports clubs in the AU (Athletic Union) which you can find here: http://loughboroughsport.com/sporting-pathways/

Touch Rugby: Formed in 2012, Touch Rugby offers a chance for everyone to get involved. From international players to newcomers, people who want to play for fun and more competitively, the society is open to anyone who is interested. They also won ‘Best New Society’ and can offer you the opportunity to play abroad. Website: http://www.lsu.co.uk/society/Touchrugby/

Surf Club: Aiming to have as much fun as possible, being a member of the Surf Club involves regular trips to the seaside (obviously), competitions, a water surf holiday abroad and socials closer to home. What more could you want? Website:  http://www.lsu.co.uk/society/surf/

For the Politically Active:

Model United Nations: Model UN debate on world-issues between society members at weekly meetings and conferences which can be held at places as far abroad as Singapore. The society can help you improve your networking and public speaking skills (which aren’t harmful to have on your CV). You also get the opportunity to compete against international universities and enjoy local sports and socials at home. Website: http://www.lsu.co.uk/society/mun/

Time for Change: Affiliated with Amnesty International and People & Planet, they campaign about human rights, the environment and issues all over the world as well as on campus. You will get the chance to meet a lot of students from different universities and contribute to something important. Website: http://www.lsu.co.uk/society/timeforchange/

For the Performers:

Stage Society: Stage is incredibly popular, offering students a chance to get involved in musicals, plays, directing, technical, backstage and more. And if this isn’t enough for you, Stage run T-Shirt socials, regular socials, sober nights and the memorable Winter and Summer Balls.  Website: http://www.lsu.co.uk/society/stage/

Fever: For anyone interested in the circus, or who has been awed seeing talented people play with fire or juggle, Fever is the society for you. Some of the skills Fever offers includes: Stilt Walking, Poi, Diablo and Unicycle. For only £5, you get access to equipment, amazing socials and the chance to perform with them. Website: http://www.lsu.co.uk/society/fever/

And these are only a few of the societies Loughborough has to offer, you can find a more complete list here: http://www.lsu.co.uk/societies/socslist/.

To find out more about each of the societies, make sure you head down to the Freshers Bazaar on the 6 October, and let us know which ones you are interested in by tweeting us @labelonline.

Tomorrow’s article is entitled ‘All About Action’, and will introduce you to another significant section of the Student’s Union.

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Cathryn Antoniadis

Label Assistant Editor


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