This week, LSU Shakespeare Society performs two plays; the classic Hamlet and the lesser known, but equally brilliant, Cymbeline. This unique chance to experience two plays during one show, as well as witness a fresh approach to Shakespeare, is an opportunity not to be missed.


Hamlet (Simon Butler) plots to take revenge against his uncle, Claudius (Toby Bartlett), who married his mother and became King of Demark after murdering Hamlet’s father. As the drama unfolds, this tragedy deals with the very human experiences of grief, guilt and madness, before hurtling towards its ultimate, inevitable conclusion. A brilliant interpretation of a heart-wrenching tale, LSU Shakespeare Society’s Hamlet promises to be an incredible experience. 


Imogen (Ellen Gray) has just married the lowly Posthumus (Ernesto Casais) much to the displeasure of her father King Cymbeline (Kieran Mellish), who does not hesitate to banish Posthumus for his crime. The play then follows the stories of these three as Posthumus flees to Rome only to be told his wife is unfaithful, Imogen attempts to disguise herself in order to avoid the fate Posthumus plans for her and Cymbeline faces the impending invasion from the Italians due to his unwillingness to pay the treaty agreed between the nations. Full of both laughter and tragedy, LSU Shakespeare Society bring this play to life in a lively retelling.

Performing at Fearon Hall this Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, it promises to be a night filled with laughter and tears. Tickets are £5 NUS / £7 adult. Book them now at to avoid disappointment.


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