This coming fortnight, from Monday March 25th to Wednesday March 6th, the LSU Islamic Society will be bringing to James France their highly-successful Islamic Awareness Season, featuring talks and insights into the religion, and is open to all, regardless of current faith or beliefs.

The society invites reputable Islamic scholars to speak over the fortnight on a variety of different topics, and allow plenty of time for a Q and A about Islam after each talk. In following with their Islamic teachings, Islamic Society will also aim to engage with other faiths by inviting everyone along to their event, with the aim of clearing the misconceptions and stereotypes associated with the religion.

Current chair Easa Saad told Label on behalf of his society: "One of the goals of LSU Islamic Society is to promote the true values of Islam on campus, and to develop an understanding of the nature of Islam amongst the student body far removed from the negative stereotypes perpetuated in the media. With Islam Awareness Season, we aim to do this by taking people on a historical, philosophical and spiritual journey, showing them the true beautiful nature of our religion, whilst stimulating dialogue and discussion amongst people from varying viewpoints.  It is without a doubt our most important event of the year and this time around much effort and planning has gone into doing things bigger and better than ever before!"

Easa continued to state that the foundation of the event is based around the professional, museum-like exhibition, which can be found in James France throughout the season, and the availability of publications for other students to take home with them.

This year the society has included a brand new event: The 'can you last a Muslim fast' tests anyone who applies to refrain from eating or drinking from dusk until dawn, much like the month of Ramadhan. There will be associated talks during the Awareness Season, and here is the full itinerary, all taking place in James France:

  • Monday February 25th, 6.30pm – First talk by Abdullah Madyun: The Message of Prophet Muhammad.
  • Thursday February 28th, 6.30pm – Second talk by Shafi Choudhry: Islam, The World and You.
  • Monday March 4th, 6.30pm – Third talk by Adnan Rashid: Islamic History and Expansion.
  • Tuesday March 5th – Can you last a Muslim fast? Initiative for non-Muslims to try to fast a day with LSU Islamic Society.
  • Wednesday March 6th, 6.30pm – Fourth talk by Sheikh Akram Nadwi: Role of Women in Islam, followed by the closing dinner.

“Seek knowledge and wisdom, or whatever the vessel from which it flows, you will never be the loser” (Prophet Muhammad PBUH).

The Islam Awareness Season begins tomorrow, March 6th, in James France with the first talk by Abdullah Madyun, so make sure you go and check out the exhibit and attend a talk too!


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