‘Re-Open Nominations’, or affectionately known as RON, ‘no voting’ or ‘voting no candidate’, will be making his annual appearance on the voting site during the upcoming voting period for this year’s Exec Elections, starting tomorrow until Wednesday February 27th.

Here at Label Online, we have given RON a voice to show his important influence on the Exec Elections by portraying RON’s answers to a slightly altered Big Five Questions. Make sure you find out your voting rights by hearing what RON has to say:

1. What are the main reasons behind you running during this year’s Exec Elections?

“I am here to give you another choice during the voting period of campaign week. If you feel that a candidate is not right for the job or has not impressed you during campaign week, then I am an alternative option to the presented candidates; especially useful for uncontested positions.”

2. If you were to win the election, what would happen in response, in contrast to when a regular candidate succeeds in an election?

“If I were to win the election for a specific position and the candidate(s) is ‘no-voted’, the position would be presented to Union Council, and may say the position will be reopened to students and taken to Council to elect someone to that position. That includes myself yet again!”

3. Why should students vote for you over any other candidate in Loughborough?

“It is very important that everyone makes an informed decision whilst voting, making sure that your vote is not wasted. Thus, if the students of Loughborough University are not happy with their candidates, I can be their alternative.”

4. But I have seen a satire-style RON Twitter account: Why should voters take the idea of RON seriously?

“I am no joke; I should be treated like any other candidate and be considered seriously during voting. The Twitter account is run by an individual or group with no official links to Loughborough Students Union, and what is posted on their account in no way truly reflects the beliefs and actions of Union officials.”

5. In one sentence, can you sum up what you think the role of RON involves?

“This is your Students Union, and it’s your vote – I am here to make sure you make an informed decision when voting for the candidates who will build the future of Loughborough Students Union.”

Voting commences tomorrow, Monday February 25th, at 7am on www.lufbra.net/elections2013/ and ends on Wednesday February 27th at 6pm, just hours before results go live at Hey Ewe, where LS Media will be bringing you the news of who will be running your Students Union from 2013 to 2014! Keep the word of RON spreading by including our official Twitter hashtag #RememberRON in your Tweets.


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