Over the past week, Label had the chance to meet and interview Tim Jenkins, who is running against Jennie Cooper for the role of AU President. Despite initially being slightly nervous, Tim still displayed a great passion for the role of AU President and this was apparent throughout the interview. We asked Tim The Big Five Questions, and these were his responses:

  1. What are the main reasons behind you running for AU President?

"I’ve really enjoyed being a part of Loughborough sports since coming to Loughborough University. I’ve been part of the men’s hockey club in all of my four years here and this year I’ve been the men’s hockey chairman, so I think I’ve developed a skill base of knowledge of how the Athletic Union runs. As I’ve enjoyed this year as chairman, I’d like to take it to the next level and try and put the skills I’ve learnt this year into practise next year with a variety of clubs."

  1. What do you think of the current AU President and is there anything you would plan to do differently if you were in that position next year?

"I think the best way to sum it up, is the main role is responsibility for oversight and support to the 50 plus AU clubs that we have and making sure, or at least helping them to achieve their potential. I think that there is obviously a lot of support with the three full time staff in the office. However, I think some of the things in my manifesto that I’d do slightly differently, would be to involve AU clubs themselves, more so in the decision making process of big things that’ll impact upon them."

  1. What is your one main manifesto point?

"There are three main points really; the first one is involving clubs in decision-making processes and making sure that clubs and members opinions actually count and make an impact upon the decision making process that goes on, particularly with the big rebrand, big sponsorship deals that Loughborough sport is seeking. The second point is that I’d like to make a much more fair and much more open AU finance policy that means clubs can get maximum benefit from their money. The third one, which I think is a pretty hot issue at the moment, is the big kit deal that has been rolled out this year. There has been a lot of teething issues with it and I think I’d give peace of mind to clubs and all AU members that over the summer I’d work hard to make sure that the problems with the order/delivery processes are ironed out ready for the new year."

  1. Why should students vote for you to be the next AU President over anyone else in Loughborough?

"I think the main reason is that this year I’ve proven that I’ve got a decent skills set to lead a group of people with my experience from men’s hockey. I think that experience with men’s hockey gives me an oversight into how AU clubs work, how AU clubs run and what AU clubs want and need. I think that will set me up well for going into a position that oversees all other clubs within the Union."

  1. In one sentence, can you sum up what you think the role of AU President involves?

"I think sport at Loughborough University and the Athletic Union, in principle is that it is key to its image and its culture. Loughborough has a mass media following, it has huge successes and I think continuing that is vital to the University’s image."

All answers given are those of the candidates, recorded and transcribed word for word, and are not influenced by our writers.

Tim is running as 'Ginger Jenks' during these Executive Elections. To read his opposition, Jennie Cooper's responses to the big five questions click here.



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