Last week Label interviewed Paul Nanson, a Loughborough finalist and the current Loughborough Students Rag Events Coordinator, running contested against Mike Lyness to be the next Rag Chair. Paul was relaxed and confident within himself and about what he hopes to achieve if he is elected. We asked Paul the five big questions and these were his responses:

  1. What are the main reasons behind you running for Rag Chair?

"Firstly I see it as a natural progression as I have been Rag Rep and am now on Rag committee so I therefore thought that I could do a good job at being Rag chair. It is something that has always appealed to me. I want to portray students in a good light as students can often be seen in a bad light. Rag does so many good things for different charities so it would allow me to do this."

  1. What do you think of the current Rag Chair and is there anything you would plan to do differently if you were in that position next year?

"I think that Max is a really good Rag chair; he’s a quality guy and I’d probably try and carry on what he is doing. I already work quite closely with him, he’s bought in a new position on the Rag committee and we have all given our feedback on that. I would definitely like to carry on what he is doing and just take things a bit further."

  1. What is your one main manifesto point?

"There are a lot of different Rags out there and some that are bigger than us, for example Nottingham, make more money than us. However, it is not really just about being the biggest but being the best as well. I would like to do more events and new events, for example monthly forums because I want to hear from the students themselves. I’m sure if we have got 16,000 students and we heard one idea from each, I know that sounds ambitious, that is 16,000 potential events we could look into doing; all which could help raise lots of money for charity."

  1. Why should students vote for you to be the next Rag chair over anyone else in Loughborough?

"They should vote for me because I am dedicated and I know that if I want to do something I could definitely do it. This past year I have put a few things into place already, for example I have introduced challenges onto Lost and I have organised events really well being the Rag events coordinator. I’m also hard working and I get things done."

  1. In one sentence, can you sum up what you think the role of Rag chair involves?

"I think that the role of Rag chair involves being organised in everything that you do whilst making sure that you are there for the students to help them do what they need to do."

Paul is running as Paul 'Ragnam Style' Nanson in this year's Executive Elections. To read his opposition, Mike Lyness' answers to the five big questions click here.

All answers given are those of the candidates, recorded and transcribed word for word, and are not influenced by our writers. 



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