So after a long wait in a packed Piazza, the students of Loughborough finally know all who are campaigning to become the new Students Union Executive for 2013-14!

Ali Cole led the proceedings and, after an extremely long wait, the hype was rewarded with the presentation of seventeen candidates contesting ten positions. The event was covered live by Label Online and LCR, but just in case you missed the Live Reveal by LS Media, here is the full list of candidates campaigning for your votes over the next ten days:




Head of Media

Helen Crossley

Action Chair

Sarah Haar and Michael Jordan.

Rag Chair

Michael Lyness and Paul Nanson

Societies Federation President

Georgia Cheyne

Athletic Union President

Jennie Cooper and Tim Jenkins

Vice President: Education

Becky Lauder-Fletcher

Vice President: Welfare and Diversity

Isobel Ford, Maz Haider and Dave Tingle

Vice President: Finance

Zak Evans and Chris McKenna

Vice President: Democracy and Communication

Hannah Chrisp and David Haines

Union President

Josh Hurrell

These seventeen individuals and their teams will be fiercely competing to try and win your votes over the coming ten days, with lecture shout outs, posters, free campaigning and social media blasts, they will be everywhere.

So make sure you keep a close eye on the 2013 Executive Elections page and the brand new Label Online page for the latest and breaking news, candidate articles and the latest Label Online content. Make sure you get involved too by commenting below articles or find us on Twitter via @labelonline or with our special Elections hashtag #ExecElections


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