You’re Never Fully Dressed without a smile…

Never Fully Dressed is a hip and chic online clothes shop that present unique and current clothes that are bang on trend for each season. The collection focuses on an array of pastel coloured sheer bits and bobs which flatter every shape and size. And the celebs are a fan too! Ranging from Stacey Solomon to Olivia Palermo, everyone needs a bit of NFD to make them smile. Plus, not only are the clothes really cool and on trend, they have a really cool blog with the latest big tunes and popular accessories!

My favourite section is the Stylist Suggests section which puts together outfits for you and recommends the stylists favourite pieces. My fave piece is the leather sleeve arm top with the cotton body; bang on trend and perfect to layer up in this cold weather.

Take a look for yourself!

My favourite piece is this sheer baby blue Barbie shirt because it is so diverse that you can dress it up or down. Plus, it’s easy to chuck on with a pair of jeans and a blazer when feeling unimaginative. The colour adds some pop and can brighten a whole outfit.

SO you’re Never Fully Dressed without a sheer Barbie shirt but just to brighten those pearly whites a little more you need a touch of sparkle. This Old Thing Londonis a vintage jewellery website that finds precious gems where you would least expect it and makes them as beautiful as can be. Founded by a second generation of vintage jewellery experts, the products range from £10 to over £300 emphasising the variety of choice and range of designer items to pick. Alike to NFD, This Old Thing London provides a current and trendy blog which ranges from talking about their favourite designers or just daily girl/male crushes! Take a look by clicking this link.

The jewellery is perfect for special presents and occasion…or just if you want to treat yourself!

Peakaboo Vintage is a popular vintage clothing brand that has stormed ASOS marketplace and is increasing in popularity and success! They provide a wide range of items including ladies vintage clothing, dresses, designer vintage, handbags, accessories, silk scarfs and jewellery, from a wide range of decades ranging from the 1940's to the 1980's. Check out there website and blog:

All three of these online clothing and jewellery stores can be found on ASOS market place and on a seasonal basis at Portobello Market, London.


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