If somebody mentions David Beckham you are likely to draw upon his highly successful, and seemingly never ending, football career; but you’ll probably make reference to his boxer line for HnM, what Victoria Beckham has been up to or that risqué poster campaign for Calvin Klein (girls, you would be able to pass their opinion on that one). With the latest news of his move from the MLS and from LA Galaxy, is Beckham the ‘brand’ being made offers from across the globe or does his footballing talents still pose relevance in the top leagues?

You cannot argue with Beckham’s CV, eleven successful years at Manchester United, four seasons at Real Madrid and their squad of superstars, heading off to the USA in 2007 at LA Galaxy where he has been on loan to the likes of AC Milan during the off season. He’s also been the saving grace for England as captain on many occasions from being embarrassed out of major tournaments, which has occurred on too many occasions. It’s safe to say he’s proved he has the skill, talent, tactical head to compete with the best but his lucrative move to Galaxy, now five years ago, has left him playing in a league well below the development of La Liga and the Premier League. Does he have the capabilities to compete in the physical leagues of Europe, against the likes of Messi, Hazard and Ronaldo?

We mustn’t forget that although Beckham looks not even a day over 25 years old with his ever-changing trend setting hairstyles or his billboard physique, he is in fact now 37. It’s at the awkward age where retirement from sport socially seems right, but may not be the option many elite sportsmen wish to consider. How long does Beckham realistically have if is pushing for guaranteed first team football, a year maybe two at a push? Why are such major sides such as PSG or those less publicised such as Melbourne Heat vying for the English hero to join their team sheets?

If you look at the Melbourne Heat offer, football in Australia falls behind sports such as cricket and rugby, similar to the popularity situation in which LA Galaxy faced in the MLS. Is the draw of Beckham as a celebrity, to raise the profile of not only of the club but of the entire league the driving force behind such an offer? Or how about considering the PSG offer; owned by Qatar Investment authority, is Beckham on the pitch going to dramatically enhance their chances both domestically and in Europe or simply an opportunity to sell more shirts and appeal to a worldwide audience?

Whether it be the rugged good looks that sell the clubs merchandise and have created the empire that is brand Beckham or his footballing genius; the move of David Beckham continues to spark debates.

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