For this year’s Children in Need, Pudsey has had a makeover! 29 designers have taken on the challenge to dress Pudsey however they choose. The list of designers includes Alexander McQueen, Prada, Victoria Beckham and Vivienne Westwood. It’s somewhat depressing that the stuffed bears are wearing more expensive and better outfits than most of our student wardrobes, but it is for charity so we’ll let Pudsey have this one! Here’s how he became our favourite charity bear and some of his most famous moments.

The iconic Pudsey Bear, the mascot that fronts the Children in Need appeal each year, was created by Joanna Ball in 1985. Pudsey’s name came from the town Pudsey in West Yorkshire, the hometown of the designer. The first appearance of Pudsey saw him as a brown bear but changed to a yellow bear with a bandage over one eye in 1986, this then become official logo of the campaign.

In 2009, Blush a female version of Pudsey was introduced, with a spotty bow pattern similar to Pudsey's bandanna.

In 2011, Children in Need launched the Designer Pudsey Collection, which saw the restyling of the charity’s iconic yellow bear. This effort raised over £50,000 and subsequently caught the attention of the media and fashion world, which led to the overall concept being voted one of The Independent’s ‘top fifteen fashion moments of the year’.  Each bear is unique in design and use of materials but still remains true to Pudsey with the use of an eye-patch.

Each bear is true to the designer and reflects their spring/summer 2012 collections; whether it be the signature fabrics and floral motifs from McQueen or the traditional Equestrian Pudsey by Gucci, each designer has stayed true to their signature designs not only allowing some recognisability but also providing a wide range of Pudsey Bears.

Our favourite is the Burberry Pudsey Bear: Effortlessly British with an umbrella and a mac; always fitting for our weather. This idea of British-ness has been so popular over this year specifically in reference to the Golden Jubilee and the long awaited Olympics and Paralympics.

We also love the Mulberry Pudsey Bear. Because there isn’t a bear out there that can’t live without its mulberry pouch bag!!

As part of the raising money aspect of Children in Need, there will be exclusive exhibitions in the Selfridges Stores in London and Manchester. All bears will be on display until the November 14th and after they will go on auction in London to raise money for the charity.

For the full collection including images please click here and please support Children in Need this year, watch it on BBC1 on Friday November 16th at 7.30pm


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