Amidst rising youth unemployment and an increasingly competitive graduate jobs market, students around the country are trying to find ways to give them an edge.

Few opportunities that the Students Union provide this year to do exactly that will match the Media Alumni Conference, taking place on Saturday.

It is incredibly exciting to be welcoming back to Loughborough a wealth of talented individuals that have all made a success of themselves upon graduating from this esteemed institution.

Unable to reel off each of the 21 alumni giving workshops at the weekend, I will refrain from name-dropping, but having such a diverse selection of people, from a BBC Newsround presenter to a Radio 1 producer and a journalist from The Independent, Saturday promises to be a thoroughly rewarding day for all involved.

Not only will the day offer media members an opportunity to improve their knowledge base and skills, inevitably making them more employable, it will undoubtedly be incredibly insightful and enjoyable to hear first-hand what a career in the industry is really like.

Of course, we also hope that the alumni enjoy coming back to Loughborough, meeting up with old friends and acquaintances and revisiting where they all started out on their professional journey.

The Loughborough Students Media Alumni Conference takes place on November 17, between 10:00 and 18:00. All students are free to attend, but must be members of the Media Centre. For more information, please email [email protected].


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