Over the past few months, our lives have become overwhelmed with colourfully and creatively decorated nails. But the question is where has it come from? And why is it such a hit?

It is believed that nail art originated from China and can be traced back to 3000 B.C. Originally nails were painted with henna or juices from the wood of trees. With the increased advances in technology and science, nail polish was created as we know it today and other forms of nail art were quickly added. And since then we have been overwhelmed.

Remember the 90s when nail varnish became scented? Although scented nail varnish reined the 90s, it is clear that patterns, designs and jewels on nails have dominated 2012.

Celebrities have massively jumped on the bandwagon, whether it is graphics, spikes and studs or marbled effects; they’re all doing it. From the extremes such as Katy Perry and Lady Gaga, to the subtler nail art from Dita Von Teese and Lauren Conrad. Although celebrities show some of the extremes to nail art, it is so easy to do it yourself especially with the help of YouTube videos.

Even the athletes at this years London Olympic Games were rocking patriotic nail art, click here to read Chloe’s review of how stars like Jessica Ennis and Victoria Pendleton showed pride in their country with nail art.

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Check out the gallery to see some festive nails I thought it only appropriate as its coming up to Christmas to show you some show stoppers for you to practice until the 25th!


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