On November 6, 42 out of 65 union councillors were elected, which met union council’s quorum.  In a relatively unsurprising election all uncontested positions were filled and no R.O.Ns occurred in this year’s council elections.  However, the positions for the departments of Geography and Chemistry remained vacant with no one running for nomination in either department.

Voting turnout has almost doubled over the past two years, increasing from 380 to 725 votes.  These numbers almost meet the NUS average of sabbatical elections.  

Label spoke to Ali Cole, VP Democracy and Communication: ‘I’m happy with improvements in number, but I’m not happy that it’s not full. However, we will endeavour to fill council through union council meetings.’

David Haines, Chair of union council, told label: ‘It’s a good turnout, but it’s a shame about the lack of contested positions.’

After nine days of campaigning, the results, of who will be joining the esteemed body of students at Loughborough Students Union, are as follows from the subsequent departments:

Aero and Auto Engineering Councillors Tyler Martin

Chemical Engineering Councillors Gianluca Messore-Greenway and Yang Yang

Civil and Building Engineering Councillors Karl Pallas and Jonathan Vaughan

Electronic and Electrical Engineering Councillors Huzaifa Essajee, Victoria Murtland, Selina Poon and Andrew Pyatt

Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering (Wolfson School) Councillors Ana Carla Favero Razia and Sheree Lim

Computer Sciences Councillors Jack Heskett and Joshua Quarshie

Information Science Councillors Amy Ellison and Tung Lam Nguyen

Department of Materials Councillors Aharoun Adeniyan and Matthew Stone

Mathematical Science Councillors Ryan Finlow and Haihong Lin

Physics Department Councillors Elizabeth Atoyebi

Business School Councillors Teodor Bozhkov, Murtaza Haider, Krupa Nandha and Alice Nee

Design and Technology Councillors Tim Jackson and Tom Traies

School of Economics Councillors James Carroll

English and Drama Department Councillors Josh Hurrell and George Martindale

School of Art and Design Councillors Katie Brown and Aimee Leggoe

Department of Politics, History and International Relations Councillors Christopher Carter, Helen Crossley and Natasha White

Sports, Exercise and Health Sciences Councillors Zak Evans, Amina Gani, Piers Harrison and Bronagh Szywala

Social Sciences Councillors Cveti Denkova, Michael Jordan and Carli Rowell

To see the full voting results go to www.lufbra.net/elections


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