Laurence Kemball-Cook, an Industrial Design and Technol Loughborough graduate, recently picked up a prize at the highly-esteemed World Technology Awardsology. Kemball-Cook beat several innovators and clinched the Individual Energy Prize for the work of his company, Pavegen.

Founded by Kemball-Cook three years ago, Pavegen has developed hi-tech floor tiles which convert kinetic energy into electricity. Made from almost 100% recycled materials, the durable slabs are designed for high-footfall environments where kinetic energy generated by pedestrians can be converted into off-grid electricity. Kemball-Cook began developing the Pavegen technology whilst studying Industrial Design and Technology at Loughborough and has gone on to see his invention powering street lighting, displays, and signage across the country.

Several Pavegen projects have received wide-spread media coverage, including an early project which involved permanently installing the slabs in the corridors of a school. This raised awareness of the importance of renewable energy in students, allowing them to generate their own energy to power classroom lights. During the Olympics, tiles installed in West Ham Underground station captured nearly one million footsteps; on the Pavegen website, you can view live how much each tile at the station is generating, in watts per hour (

Professor Steve Rothberg, Pro Vice Chancellor for Enterprise at Loughborough University, said: "Laurence is an outstanding ambassador for student enterprise.  We recognised the merits of Pavegen in our own Enterprise Awards in 2010 and he fully deserves the World Technology Award.  I wish him continued success for the future.” The prestigious award will undoubtedly help to build the company’s ever-growing presence in international markets.

The prize won at the World Technology Awards is one of several that have been received by this ground-breaking company. To find out more about this fascinating innovation, visit or follow @Pavegen. 


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