Mount Kilimanjaro. 5895m above sea level. The world’s largest freestanding mountain. A six day trek and you could find yourself stood on top of the roof of Africa! So come along to Rag's Choose a Challenge event from 7pm in the Union, find out more or even sign up to get involved in some incredible adventures!

Standing at Uhuru Peak, translating to Freedom Peak, is an experience only a handful of people are lucky enough to enjoy. It takes determination, endurance, laughter (and maybe a tear or two) to get there but each and every step is one step closer and each and every step doesn’t quite amount to the awesome achievement at the end. You’ll climb higher than you ever have to get here but you’ll share the incredible achievement with newfound, life-long, friends.

At a height well above the clouds, with the renowned congratulatory sign and all of Africa outstretched below, you’ll start to wonder what on Earth made you take on this huge adventure and what brought you to that very sign.

Yes, it was four and a half day’s hard work trekking through jungle, scrambling up and down hills, over rocks and even climbing the brilliant Barranco wall. Yes, it was the people, the guides, the porters, your fellow teammates and, of course, your friends and family back home all awaiting news of your safety and success. Yes, it was your passion, desire and thirst for adventure to take on such a challenge.


But really, it all started nine or ten months beforehand when you heard about RAG and Student Adventures. Maybe it was a poster that caught your eye, a friend who encouraged you to go or perhaps you made it to Choose A Challenge and heard it straight from the horse’s mouth. But whatever it was, you’ll be thanking your lucky stars you didn’t just ignore the crazy voice in your head saying:


“Hell yeah, why not climb the world’s largest freestanding mountain and raise £2650 for charity?!”

Then when it’s your turn to stand 5895m above sea level looking at how far you’ve come somehow it’ll all make perfect sense. All the fundraising will seem but a dream and you’ll be left with some incredible memories of some unforgettable places with some unforgettable people. And let’s not forget the truly amazing things you’ll have achieved:


1.     A massive sense of personal achievement and satisfaction. You pushed yourself further than you thought possible and hey, it completely paid off and you’ve even got a little energy left!


2.     You’ve made this achievement thanks to, and with, a fantastic group of people you might never have met if it weren’t for such a challenge. And trust me there really is no better way to get to know someone!

3.     You’ve made a massive difference to the charity you’ve fundraised for and all your hard work will help to prevent meningitis and improve survival rates for those who get it.

You’ll all have struggled on summit night, pushed yourself to the limits, but reaching that infamous sign together and congratulating one another after all your efforts is really an experience like no other. A once in a lifetime chance, so don’t miss out!

Come along to our information evening on Wednesday 24th October in James France room CC012. There are limitted spaces for all of Rag's challenge events so make sure you get down to the Union, or to the information evenings


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