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  1. Dear Style team … I am on a budget, what key going out pieces shall I buy to see me through from summer to winter?

This summer it’s been all about pretty floral and pastel hues and it is definitely possible to carry this trend through to the winter months. All you need is a bit of seasonal adaptation. Team your pastel shorts with some tough shoe boots for instant beach to club glamour: New Look have a great selection at bargain prices (and don’t forget your 10% student discount!). Throw on a Primark blazer and you’ll be embracing AW12’s tailored androgyny look, as seen on the catwalks at Stella McCartney, Vivienne Westwood and Yves Saint Laurent.

        2.Dear Style team … I love my flip-flops and shorts, but going into the winter what’s the next best thing?

Flip-flops and shorts plus rain, snow and ice does not equal ‘Lad’. It means frost bite and, for the most part, girls thinking that you look like an idiot. If you really can’t bear to lose that feeling of the wind on your legs, go for a reliable pair of Converse.  They’re reasonably priced, never go out of fashion, and will keep your toes that little bit warmer. When you feel it’s finally time to fold away the shorts for the winter, stick on a comfy pair of Topman cotton chinos.

        3. Dear Style team … Can lads use umbrellas?

Yes and No. In Loughborough, a male walking alone on campus should never, ever, hold an umbrella. Embrace the rain, it’s manly. And you can always re-straighten your hair when you get home. If you’re walking with a girl or in a mixed group then holding an umbrella is slightly more acceptable, as long as you adhere to the following: the umbrella should be shared with the girl; it must not be small or compact enough to fit in your bag; and it should always, always, be plain black.


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