So we are heading towards the midway point of the first week of Loughborough Freshers Week 2012: Go out on a night out – Check! Have a drink or two – Check! Chant against the other halls on campus – Check! So what's next? Keep up to date throughout the week here on Label Online for our Freshers Fortnight Diary to see just what's possible at Loughborough University.

Welcome to Loughborough everyone! My name is Buzz, I am a third year Sport Scientist taking on my third year with Towers Freshers! Yes that's right, a third year that still lives in halls, but why? The Loughborough experience, that's why! The incredible opportunities that involve so many here at Loughborough is exactly why I have been drawn back in to spend my final year slap-bang in the middle of the best Freshers week in the world!

I am also Towers Hall Rag Rep this year so I am here to tell you a little bit about what is going on during Freshers and the incredible and diverse ways you can get involved with Rag:

You may not know this, but Loughborough Students Rag rose over £1.4 million last year for charity, the highest figure of any student entity in the country! Rag is one of the key parts of the so-called Loughborough experience, but it is often overlooked by other activities. From collecting money around the country, a.k.a. "raiding," to taking part in extreme challenge events from skydiving to dog sledding, it is simply too good to miss out on!

You will have undoubtedly heard about your Freshers Raids that are happening in your halls over the coming week, and these are great ways to get involved in charity work for Rag and raise some money for some incredible causes. It is something to pop down on your CV, a free day out to a new city and a chance to get out of Loughborough for a while and explore the country. What else could you ask for? Whether you're going to Nottingham or Sheffield, Leicester or Birmingham, hop on the bus and get involved collecting for your halls chosen charity during your Freshers week!

Later on this term, Rag put on an event called Choose-a-Challenge, where we showcase our challenge events that you can get involved in this year. It allows our students to enter the world of independent fundraising to fund their adventure or experience. This year we will be offering you the opportunity to take part in activities including… Skydiving, sled dog racing in the Arctic Circle, marathons, cycle races, bungee jumping, climbing Kilimanjaro, an extreme assault course challenge called Tough Guy, Escape and Evade and even more!

My first and second wouldn't have been anywhere near what they became without Rag: Its fun, sociable and, best of all, its free! So if you fancy helping out some charitable causes, as well as exploring the country in style, get involved in Rag through you hall's Rag reps or come along our Choose-a-Challenge night this October. Signing Off for Day One!

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