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The LSU Executive Committee is currently without a Global Development Officer. The Executive team feel that this is a real issue that needs resolving promptly as currently the student body is missing out on the benefits that this role brings.

In May 2012, the Executive Development Officer elections resulted in Tessa Glenn receiving the highest number of votes for the Global Development Officer position.

Ordinarily, this would mean that she is elected and would take up the role. However, this year some Union Councillors raised concerns which they believed may have potentially affected the outcome of the election which has meant Tessa has not been able to take up the post.

Currently, Union Council has resolved to send the matter to Procedures Committee, the committee which considers any dispute arising from the interpretation of the Union’s Constitution, Schedules and Standing Orders.

Due to certain limitations, in particular the fact that it is the summer holidays, Procedures Committee is not able to meet until mid to late October at the earliest. As a result, Loughborough students will miss out on the opportunity to experience events that this Officer would normally organise for Freshers week; events that are vital to the integration of home and international students.

The Executive team has resolved that not having a Global Development Officer at this crucial time is not in the best interests of students and may have long term effects on the integration and inclusion of both home and international students, something that Loughborough Students’ Union is always very successful at.

Therefore, the decision has been made by the Executive team along with the advice from the Union Director and the NUS to ask Tessa to take up the role of Global Development Officer pending the Procedures Committee meeting to resolve the concerns.

The Executive are really looking forward to working with Tessa and believe she will make a really great contribution to the Loughborough Student Experience!

For more information or if you have any questions please feel free to contact your Executive team via president@lufbra.net


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