Having approached the end of first year after a busy term of deadline after deadline followed by late night after even later night, nostalgia creeps in.

I find myself sat here quietly mulling over the creative progress I’ve made. Scratchy isometric sketches have blossomed into perspective with smoother strokes and varied line weight and it’s certainly safe to say I can draw a great box.

Though somehow, even in a creative course such as design my personal creativity, little projects started to occupy my desire to make and design things, have dwindled significantly. The pressure of group work, presentations, exams and impending coursework countdowns on Learn have somewhat oppressed my personal creativity.

I’ve found my little projects frozen in time, sitting derelict next to a ‘Guide to Electronics’, scraps of blue foam and note after note on dimensions, rough sketches and ideas for CAD modeling.

A week after my last first year submission my creativity is thriving, I’m “get(ting) plenty of rest” and “tak(ing) breaks” but finding new projects to dive straight into and importantly doing  “what makes me happy”.

In one week I’ve travelled to “somewhere new”, visited good friends, indulged in great food, fallen into a job designing for a website, proving that it really is not what you know but who you know, and invested in a new toy – a shiny new graphics tablet that’s ‘imperative to my course’… Or that’s how I’ll justify it!

Not only that, but the horizon looks brighter than ever, despite the British weather! A long break from Uni is a chance to dust off my projects and perhaps even finish them off. Not to mention the prospects of furthering my career, my knowledge of website design and perhaps even in a business venture of my own.

With all this time on my hands creativity will bring new, exciting twists to the otherwise routine summer holiday. Life has taken on a certain charm of endless possibilities and fascinating prospects.

Now, I intend to conquer the Adobe Creative Suites, perfect a portfolio and absorb as much art, culture, design as is possible to spark my creativity as I continue to progress through the 33 ways to stay creative.

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