Ever wondered how much damage a university lifestyle does to your skin? Could the regular big nights out and sweating it out at the gym be causing you skin problems?

Label Style spoke to the Exec and future Exec, who have shared their very own skin and beauty worries with us, and offered their tips and advice on how to deal with them.

Ellie Read, LSU President Elect
 I often don't have time to apply makeup in the mornings as I'm usually dashing off somewhere. I'll almost always wear some concealer under my eyes and some days I'll wear a bit of eyeliner and mascara as well.

My daily skincare regime centres around moisturising with Soltan After Sun – I use it as a general moisturiser every day as it suits my skin. As long as I moisturise my skin it stays looking relatively healthy – so it is quite low maintenance luckily!

My skin is pretty sensitive, quite dry and I also have eczema so it gets irritated easily. This is why I use a non-perfumed moisturiser to keep it as hydrated as possible without irritating it. My skin can often be less dry in the summer, and a bit of a tan seems to help! A long, long time ago I made an avocado face mask with my friends – I remember it just making a massive mess and not really doing a lot! 

I would advise to sticking to the products you know suit your skin, and they really don’t have to be expensive.

Lucy Padolsey, 23, VP Finance
I try not to wear any makeup over the weekends and when I'm on holiday…however usually I fail at this miserably! If you were to sort me out a holiday somewhere hot so I could tan I would do a lot better at not wearing makeup as you don't need as much when you’re glowing.

I try to cleanse, tone and moisturise morning and evening, however we all know face wipes after a night out is the way forward. My daily regime consists of eight hour cream and Sudocream, which both moisturise and protect my skin.

My secrets include drinking lots and lots of water and sleep. If I'm tired my skin looks tired, if I'm well rested then it’s a whole lot better- it’s as simple as that! 

In the summer I tend to change my moisturiser to a less oily one and don't wear nearly as much makeup, it’s all about the tinted moisturiser!

Pete Childs, 23, VP Democracy and Communications
I don’t really have a skincare regime, I’m not even really sure I use any skincare products, I’m more of just a wash my face kind of guy. A shower a day keeps the acne away! 

I’d say my skin isn’t the best in the world but smooth none the less.  I’ve never really used after shave skin products, I usually dry/wet shave. I don’t usually even use shaving foam. Usually, I shave my face 3/4 times a week. I keep my skin healthy during my hectic lifestyle by drinking green tea.

Sarah Musgrave 22, RAG Chair
I wear makeup most days, unless ill or just relaxing. In the mornings, I rarely have time to do anything with my skin, so before bed I always make sure I cleanse, tone and moisturise- I couldn’t live without my cleanser!

My skin is least healthy when I am stressed, so the best tip I can give anyone is to always make time to look after yourself and your skin.

I used to have acne when I was younger, so it's much better than it was, but it's still not great. A friend and I once tried to make homemade face masks – we used coconut milk and avocado, but we never used it in the end, because it smelt horrible!

In the summer, I use sun cream instead of general moisturiser, because it not only moisturises but it also protects my skin.


Whatever your opinion, taking care of your skin can be as simple as drinking lots of water, getting enough sleep, eating a healthy, balanced diet, and keeping it moisturised. Even the busiest Loughborough-goer can manage that!


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