Alexander Young, better known as AJ, has been removed from the position of Bill Mo Hall Chair.

A letter sent out to students of Bill Mo this afternoon stated:

“After much deliberation and careful consideration, a recent vote of no confidence has been passed upon AJ meaning he has been removed from the position of hall chair.”

The statement was first released on the Hall's website and was then sent out to the students' email accounts in the hall to ensure that each and every member of the hall had an understanding of the current situation.

AJ, a first year student studying Social Psychology, was elected as Hall Chair back in February after campaigning against Abi Sambells.

Anya Gomulski, the Chair of Hall General Meetings (HGM) told Label:

“We have been getting a lot of feedback and we're considering all of our options, but so far we're looking to co-opt someone on [to committee] due to the timing and upcoming freshers, as well as the unavailability due to placement of our Vice-Chair, and then rehust the position after freshers. So in that respect we need someone we are confident will be able to lead us through freshers and do the hall proud.”

The hall committee has made the decision to dismiss Young because they “didn’t believe AJ fitted the role” and “ felt it important that committee were able to work together in light of the upcoming – this was something we’d [the committee] were having issues with.”

With the Freshers period upcoming after summer, the committee “felt that a ‘hierarchy’ had formed which seemed to be escalating and that it was an issue which we felt couldn’t be resolved.”

Young told Label: “I have thoroughly enjoyed my time on committee. I wish the committee every success over the upcoming year. Long live Bill Mo.”

Michael Hobbs, the Bill Mo Vice-Chair is currently Acting Hall Chair. This however is not a long term solution due to his potential placement. He told Label:

"A decision was made collectively as a committee that AJ was not fit for the role of Hall Chair. The committee deliberated long and hard over what was clearly a very difficult decision, and took into account many factors, particularly what was best for freshers and the forthcoming year."

"We all hugely appreciate AJ's efforts and are very glad that he is still going to be thoroughly involved in hall life."

As a result of the committee's decision, the position is now available for every Hall member. Until Midnight on Tuesday, students have the option to explain in less than 200 words why they think they should be the new Hall Chair of Bill Mo. 


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