Sophie 'Reach for the stars' Sanders told Label about her successful pole dancing promo which took place on Wednesday afternoon in James France saying it was “really good, the guys are really getting involved”.

Sanders was surprised  that Union Hustings was “better than she expected” telling Label that she was happy with the Union Hustings proceedings and told Label that she was “quite nervous for it but the questions that got asked , they were really good questions”.

Sanders claimed that Union Hustings allowed her the opportunity to really show voters more of herself and her main goals:

“I could really talk about my manifesto more and get my personality across and my passion for the job.”

With just the weekend left before voting official opens, Sanders explains how she’ll be using the final vital days of campaigning: “More pole dancing and hopefully take it over the college.” Sanders also explained that the promo was all part of her attempts to “meet as many people as possible”.

Sophie ‘Reachforthestars’ Sanders is up against Ash ‘Ketchum’ O’Donnell and Claud ‘Cosmic’ Williams in the running for SocFed President.


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