Claud ‘Cosmic’ Williams admitted he stills feels “extremely confident” about his bid to be elected SocFed President when he spoke to LCR this week.

Williams also said he felt “as if, going into the elections, that I had the strongest campaign, however the hustings gave me the opportunity to see the positives points that my opponents also have.”

Speaking to LCR about Tuesday night’s Union Hustings, Williams was asked about the turnout in Room One:

“I was kind of expecting that turnout however I do think for next year if we can do more to get more people interested in this element of campaigning. It is extremely important otherwise it literally does boil down to a popularity contest and better candidates potentially may lose elections when they should be winning.”

Williams continued by saying:

“Quite a few students do [underestimate the importance of the election process] in my opinion […] the main point they said was its a massive popularity contest. Other students said that because that the election results are controlled by a small group of people. I did try to explain to them that for that to change they need to be involved however they felt disenfranchised from the union.”

‘Mr Cosmic’ has Williams has become known, also explained that his Men In Black flash mob dance has been delayed by a few days due to “a million technical difficulties” and refused to give a new time and place but teased, “when it happens we’ll make sure that you won’t be able to miss it.”

Claud Williams is running against Aisling O’Donnell and Sophie Sanders for the position of SocFed President.


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