Fran ‘SuperFran’ Scambler, who was handing out ham and cheese toasties in the FND queue on Friday night, spoke to Label’s Andrew Lawton about her manifesto and what she believes to be most important thing in the media centre.

Scambler told Label, “I think media reps are the most important thing to the media centre at the moment because they are the channel for volunteers. What they could improve on is communication. I think Anie [Davis, current Head of Media] has done really well, building that relationship, and I want to build upon that what she’s already created.”

As well as interaction with halls, Scamber also explained how she planned to improve the awareness and knowledge of the media centre across campus by working closer with the Head of Marketing committee position.

Scambler continued by saying;

“I want to work closely with the Head of Marketing and get them their own sub-committee, which they already have, but I want to build on that and I want them to specialise within each section. I want my Head of Marketing to be really knowledgeable about how marketing works so I’d go into university schools such as business, psychology, and all those subjects that already have the ability to do marketing in their degree.

“They will meet at least once a week and they will discuss what the Head of Marketing will have discussed at Media Senate. Each Head of Section will tell the Head of Marketing what they want promoting within that week and then Head of Marketing will relay on how they’re going to market it and basically pitch it to them.”

Natasha ‘Captain’ Cox is also running for the position of Head of Media.


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