Claud ‘Cosmic’ Williams started his campaign yesterday with lecture shout outs, trying to meet as many students as possible, while emphasising the importance of a positive visual image.

He finished the first day with door knocking in Telford and also made an appearance at last night’s Stupid Tuesday. He told Label that rather than meeting people inside, he preferred to stay outside talking to people while they are queuing. “At least you can hear what they are saying, even though they can be a little bit drunk sometimes.”

Engaging with the students seems the main focus of all campaigns and when we asked for his opinion, Williams said: “I love meeting people, and this is the best excuse to walk up to absolutely anybody and just start a conversation. Getting to know the students is definitely the best thing about campaigning.”

He is running for the position of SocFed President and campaigning against him is Sophie ‘Reach for the Stars’ Sanders and Aisling O’Donnell. When Label asked him how this has affected his campaign, he answered: “I knew I would be up against two other people but I did not know who they were before the candidates reveal on Monday. My campaign team and I decided a long time ago, that it does not matter what anyone else is doing. Our objective is to have one of the most exciting and best looking campaigns Loughborough has ever seen.”

It is very important to make a good first impression but it is almost even more important to make that last. Making sure that students get involved with a campaign and truly tell a candidate what they think should change is a huge challenge which takes time, effort and determination to complete. Claud Cosmic Williams, who is a photographer and has a great personal interest in the field thinks that the way things appear visually is very important.

“I have also done a lot of work to actually develop a brand to this campaign. Our posters are distinctive and the colour scheme works.”

The candidates’ quiz takes place at the EHB at 7pm tomorrow and it is a great chance to ask the candidates questions about anything. Mr. Cosmic stated that he is looking forward to tomorrow’s hustings:

“It’s all about just being ready for it, going out there and having fun. A lot of the campaign stuff has been planned out quite far in advance, but I want to take tomorrows Hustings the way it comes.”


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