SocFed Presidential Candidate, Sophie Sanders, has told Label that her manifesto is based on the idea of “partnerships”.

She wants to make “relationships with the Union even stronger so we can utilise the spaces there, like on a Monday night. There are no events on in the Union so why can’t societies use that space to practice and have fun?”

She also added that it was about “bringing the societies together so that there is not much of a gap between societies.”

“We will do some big events where everyone is invited. Let’s get on a bus, let’s go somewhere for the day, have a big day trip and everyone gets to meet each other so we can be a lot closer as a section.”

When asked about her campaign strategy she declared that she will have fun and “go all out.”

Her views on the alternative candidates, Claud Williams and Ash ‘Ketchum’ O’Donnell (Aisling O’Donnell) are very positive. “I think they’re great and they are really nice people […] If either of them got it then I think they will do a good job.”


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