Money is only a five letter word but it rules the world and everything in it, or so it seems. Even though this can be doubted, money is a world-shaking issue and it raises questions that matter to all of us

The world, which I have grown up to see as a shining place of freedom, hope and bliss has slowly but surely turned into a wasteland where money rarely equals happiness. It is just as likely to be known as the root of all evil.

Especially in recent years, money has become the focus of our lives; if you have it you worry about how to keep it and if you don’t have it you worry about how to get it off those who do have it.

Personally speaking, I think that the interpersonal relationships are the ones who suffer most when it comes to money trouble. A sense of ‘togetherness’ rarely exists in the long term because it looks like  sooner or later we will all, in one way or another, stab each other in the back because if everyone looks after themselves then surely everyone is looked after, right? When money is in the equation it appears that people turn into selfish cash obsessed monsters who have blinds attached to either side of their heads; and even if this may sound peculiar or deceitful  it is the ugly truth that is staring everyone in the eye.

But isn’t this is where we go wrong? Even though we dedicate our lives to making money, we shouldn’t let it take over. Or should we?

At the end of the day, whether we like it or not, money opens doors.  Having money means being able to access sources such as a good education; and I am not just talking about the years spent in primary and secondary schools. Skills such as leadership, independence and taking responsibility for ones actions aren’t obtained by reading text books.

Reflecting on personal experiences, I was formally introduced to these skills during my gap year in Kenya. Since then, it has been clear to me that education means engaging in extra-curricular activities in order for it to be the best investment.

A higher education is tremendously expensive in this country and for most going to university is a commitment to a lifetime of debt.  It is like we are buying into the great big world of knowledge on how to make money. Ironic, isn’t it? Nevertheless we are still willing to pay the price.

They say that it’s about who you know and not what you know and to a certain extent that is true because money dedicates your initial position in society; if you have it then you know people have it and that right there is your link to getting more of it. Life may be what you make it, but make money and you’ve made it!


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