Loughborough students have been voicing their concerns over a lack of Postgraduate representation from the Students' Union on social media site Twitter. The tweets came less than 24 hours after the Union won the Times Higher Education award for ‘Outstanding Support for Students’ with Coventry University.

Max Crowson tweeted on Friday 25;

“Who is representing postgrads at LSU? Got to go to student voice because we aren’t being heard!”

Student Voice, which is based downstairs inside the Students Union, is a free and confidential service offering help and support on academic and disciplinary issues, complaints and programme rep support.

Town Student Federations chair and union councillor Zoe Lloyd also shared her thoughts through the social media website adding:

“No emails from the union for post grads and it’s what week 8? Bit ridic”

Lloyd believes the “PG [post graduate] community still isn’t in place for a second year. I’m sure there would be interest from PGs” while Crowson suggested a petition for post graduate students who don’t believe they are being “looked after and communicated well”.

Rebecca Bridger, Union President, responded to the tweets saying, “I know we don't do as well at engaging PG students as we would like to.” Bridger emphasised that the Union views the voice of the PG so highly that it is, “one of the reasons why there is a development officer assigned to this section.”

Bridger continued, “But we would be really pleased to meet with a group of interested post grads along with Tim Price our PG development officer to discuss how we could do things better for these students.”

The seriousness of the claims are yet to be fully uncovered however after Label discovered a post on the Facebook of Lloyd from Crowson stating: “It’s all kicking off on twitter. Stir it up with me.”


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