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  •  Special Report: Steve Jobs – The Inventor and Visionary
  • Loughborough rapist convicted and sent down for seven years, Lauren Brennan reports
  • An Inbetweener visits Rigg-Rutt for their committee auction
  • Style look into how dressing in a sloppy manner can affect your mindset
  • With the release of their tenth studio album and over 28 years in the spotlight, Alicia Myers delves into the career of the Red Hot Chilli Peppers
  • England cricketer, Tammy Beaumont, pays tribute to Loughborough Cricket Head Coach, Graham Dilley


Editor's Pick


'Steve Job's Remembered', Channi Maher

Last week, the world mourned the death of Steve Jobs, a great inventor and whimsical genius. He changed the face of personal computing with his co-creation and ownership of computer giant, Apple. Jobs died on October 5 at the age of 56 after a long struggle with pancreatic cancer. 

Born in 1955, his interest in technology began with his adoptive father, who taught him rudimentary electronics. As a teenager, he attended lectures and worked during the summer at the Hewlett- Packard Company, where he met his future business partner Steve Wozniak. Despite being a gifted student, Jobs dropped out just a semester after starting university.  

On attending Homebrew Computer Club, Jobs realised the great potential for Personal Computers in a market where they were still uncommon. Jobs was not as technically gifted as Wozniak, but he had a strong marketing sense and was highly passionate; nothing in the market was as user friendly as what Jobs’ was envisioning. The first Apple computer, the Apple II was created in 1977 and despite being created in his parents’ garage, it was a huge success. 

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