H&M is one of the most popular stores on the British high street, offering stylish and fashion-forward clothing at an affordable price. One of the Swedish brand’s ventures in the recent past has been launching collaborations with some of the most established and exclusive high-fashion brands, offering designer-branded goods at high-street prices.

Since 2004, the list of previous designers to embark on this venture is lengthy. They include; Karl Lagerfeld, most famed for his work as the creative director of French fashion house Chanel, Stella McCartney, Roberto Cavalli, and Jimmy Choo amongst others. The majority of the past ventures have caused widespread fashion frenzy and as a result have sold out in days, or even hours.

In its most recent project, H&M unites with the Italian fashion house Versace.

Usually the clothing and accessories from this brand would set someone back several hundred, often thousands of pounds, but H&M offers a much more student-friendly price range, starting at £30. 

The latest project with Versace, headed by Donatella Versace (pictured above), the flamboyant sister of the head of the world-renowned fashion house is due to launch with a worldwide roll-out in November of this year. The products will also be available on the company’s website, h&m.com in January 2012. 

A huge media frenzy is preceding the launch, and despite the collection not appearing for more than three months, hype is building with the release of the first images embodying Versace’s luxurious and glamorous reputation. Whilst the quality of fabrics used in the collaborations may not be as high as those used for normal designer collections, any fashionista will be happy to have a designer item at a far more purse-friendly price.

The pieces will be typical of Versace, as Donatella herself comments in a recent interview on Versace.com they will be ‘extremely glamorous yet bold’ and the ‘trademark prints and studs’ will be a large part of the collection, echoing the high fashion pieces themselves.

Versace for H&M is bound to be a success; there are thousands of devout fans worldwide of the Versace label and they will surely be swarming to their nearest H&M for the newest project of such a renowned fashion designer.

Even for those who are not huge fans of Versace, the opportunity to get a designer headed item for under £100 is surely too good to miss. If it is to follow in the footsteps of preceding collections as is expected, the items will be snapped up within a few hours so if you’re not quick, you will more than likely miss out. 


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