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Returning writer, Amie Woodyatt, shares her thoughts on her dining experience at The Basin.

Give it a Gyoza!

Storm Dennis is raging on outside, the wind has been biting my cheeks all day, and late 00s charts play in the background. A variety of sushi is on offer and, being one of the most indecisive people on the planet, I struggle to cut down the number of dishes it’s socially acceptable to eat.

While the Basin offers a range of dishes from katsu curry to udon, I was there for the smaller sushi dishes, and they did not disappoint.

The avocado maki and yasai gyoza arrive first, quickly followed by the vegetable tempura and inari pouches (we ordered two of these). I click my chopsticks, eyeing up the dishes, wondering which one to try first.

Yasai gyoza (for those who do not frequent sushi restaurants, vegetable dumplings). Green, crunchy and all kinds of good. I highly recommend these if you haven’t tried oriental food before; different countries make them in a variety of ways, and these were a delicious take on the classic. If you’re already adventurous, I’d still recommend them.

The inari pouches (a must-have for sushi) are placed downwards on the plates; I’m thankful for my ability to use chopsticks – some places have the pouches facing upwards (open on the top), so that you can easily pick them up without any chance of rice spilling, the Basin obviously want to give us a laugh.

Which they do. Rice goes everywhere. Comedy ensues.

The vegetable tempura includes fried aubergine and sweet potato leaning against the bowl of tempura sauce; while these are tasty, I may opt for something different in future. Partly because I dropped a slice of sweet potato in the sauce, partly because there are plenty more rice-based sushi dishes I would like to inhale next time.

Avocado maki. I could live off these. Absolutely delicious. With soy sauce and an accidental touch of wasabi, I cannot recommend them enough.

A couple of drinks later and I am full of food and happiness; if you’re looking for a slightly more cultured night out in Loughborough, the Basin could be the one for you. Plus, it never hurts to work on your chopstick game.

Live a little. Give it a gyoza.


Article written by Amie Woodyatt

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