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Label Editor, Amie Woodyatt gives us the low down on one of the stand-out pop albums of 2018.


Coursework is all done, and I’ve put Jess Glynne’s 2018 album Always In Between on. Immediately “Intro” hits my soul with a strong brass, percussion and choir as backdrop to Glynne’s incredible vocal range.

I’ve listened through the entire album a few times now, and every time I feel something different, but this time, the 29-year old’s lyrics hit home hard. “They say you’re no one until you’re somebody to someone”. Having recently come out of a relationship, this line reminds me that music is always, no matter the situation, there to help you to understand how you’re feeling.

This goes on for the entire album; from body positivity in “Thursday”, to the heavy soul influence in “Hate / Love”. You’re taken through so many musical emotions, and by the end you’ll definitely feel lighter. If you have something on your mind, listen to this album.

One reason this album can be taken in so many ways is due to its cross-genre nature. Overall, I’d still lean towards pop, however Glynne’s sound suggests influences of house, soul and R&B. So, if you need a pick-me-up, or chill-out, there are songs which can do both.

While I’ll recommend some tracks which I found extra amazing, you don’t just have to take my word. The album reached Gold certification in the UK after debuting at number 1, all three singles have been Top 10, and while some people have said it could be better (one critic compared her to Adele, which frankly, is stupid as they’re completely different artists), many have argued that she intertwines pop, house and soul in a clever, feisty way.

Recommended tracks:

123 – Listen to this with headphones or speakers that can handle bass, its soulful beat will have you tapping your foot or clicking your fingers along with it. Glynne is backed again by a range of choral voices and brass which brings out her gutsy vocals in the buoyant tune.

Won’t Say No – This song didn’t grab me immediately, but the chorus cannot be ignored. How you understand the music will be different to everyone else, but right now, to me this track strengthened the idea that breakups don’t have to mean you’ll never talk to the person again. In fact, you can still be good friends.

Insecurities – Need something to crack your mind open and let everything out? This track is almost a demo in its quality; with white noise in the background it’s like you’re right in the studio with Glynne herself. The track is naked, with only vocals and piano, but the hairs on my arms raised up, it’s honestly worth a listen if you need to take a moment and let your mind run.

Listen to Always in Between here.


Featured image by: Amie Woodyatt


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