Should you have a Naanster or Naan?

Nice choice of fillings

Nice choice of fillings

A Naanster is a naan bread pocket that is deeply filled with a selection of tasty fillings, from Beef Madras, Vegetable Tikka, Balti Chicken and Chicken Tikka. The company prides itself on maintaining its Eastern roots and bringing the taste of Indian cooking into a unique, easy to hold snack, designed for the typical fast paced lives a lot of us now live. These convenient snacks take only 90 seconds to cook in the microwave! Perfect for students.

Food on the go

Food on the go


We tried all four fillings and considering the cooking time and the convenience, they are pretty tasty! Another upside is that the majority of Naansters are less than 5% fat. Chicken Tikka seemed to be the most popular filling between us all but it’s great that there’s a vegetarian option in the line up too, opening it up to a larger market. The company seem to have created the perfect food to go.

Once heated, the Naanster is wrapped so well, none of the contents spill out. This makes it easy to comfortably hold with one hand as you continue your daily tasks or even as you rush to your lectures.

If we were to be at all critical about Naanster, it would be that they don’t agree with everyone, if you see where we’re going with this… The convenience of cooking and eating time may be diminished if you find yourself interrupting and inconveniencing your tutors and classmates during lecturers and seminars as you make your way to the nearest restroom. However, this is probably a rare occurrence and may only occur to those who are not used to certain foods.

You can eat and work

You can eat and work

Overall, the Naanster is a very ideal snack for those students that desire something fast, cheap and nutritious. The Naanster can be bought from a large variety of shops in high street stores, ranging from the likes of Morrisons, Tesco’s, Costcutter and Nisa and they are priced at a student friendly price of £2.00 rrp.


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