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The new LSU Exec Team began their year long term this morning after a two-week long handover period with the previous team ended on Friday.

New Union President for 2020-21, Matt Youngs, told Label that “there is no question that the forthcoming academic year will be challenging at times, but it also presents an opportunity for the Students’ Union to diversify the opportunities it offers.”

The team were elected in March 2020 during another gruelling LSU Exec Elections campaign, which culminated in a fantastic results night, and take over from a team who according to the new President have been full of “support, insight and tenacity” throughout the handover period.

Commenting on the handover, new Union Vice President Fejiro Amam told Label that the “period has been enormously helpful in getting me fully prepared to take on my position, getting me up to speed on current long term work plans for the union as well as developing a theme and plan for this year.”

On the new Executive, Matt praised the strength of their unity and camaraderie” so far, demonstrating values that never been more important during a time of such uncertainty”, with Fejiro confident that “the passion and inventiveness of both students leaders and union staff make me confident that we will still be able to deliver a world class student experience” despite the COVID-19 pandemic.

Meet the New LSU Exec Team


President: Matt Youngs

Matt is LSU’s new Union President, the figurehead for the Union. Elected by just 221 votes in a close race, he is the former Welfare and Diversity Executive Officer and will now lead the Union in his final year as an elected officer.
Degree: Geography
Fact: Once ate a heart

Vice President: Fejiro Amam

The new Vice President, taking over from Darcey Dunne, Fejiro was elected in a fantastic four-way race for the position. Beating Immi Wynn by just 22 votes in the final round, Fejiro brings his experience as the former International Officer to the role.
Degree: Mechanical Engineering
Fact: Can play the Ukelele

Education Executive Officer: Ana-Maria Bilciu

Ana-Maria returns to her role as LSU’s Education Executive Officer, after being elected with a large majority back in March. Previously LSU’s International Officer in 2018-19, Ana has had a difficult past 12 months in the role, with COVID and Strikes to contend with.
Degree: Computer Science
Fact: Has a show on LCR called The A-Tim

Welfare & Diversity Executive Officer: Alex Marlowe

The new Welfare & Diversity Executive Officer is Alex Marlowe, who was elected uncontested back in March. Alex was previously the LGBT+ Officer, and campaigned for a Postgraduate W&D Officer role, a weekend support service and safeguarding training for staff.
Degree: Drama
Fact: Hates people saying ‘h’ the wrong way

Sport Executive Officer: James Greer

Following recent tradition, the new Sport Executive Officer is last year’s AU Clubs Officer, James Greer, who returns to the Exec Team for a second year. James campaigned under a manifesto of 4 points: clarity, integrity, inclusivity, and opportunities.
Degree: English & Sports Science
Fact: Favorite Union room is Fusion

Societies Chair: Abby Reynolds

Abby returns to the role of Societies Chair for a second year, after winning uncontested in the Exec Elections. Abby wants to work on revitalising ‘give it a go’, making the refreshers bazaar bigger and introduce an ‘adopt a society scheme’.
Degree: Medicinal and Pharmaceutical Chemistry
Fact: Loves a Fox’s Crunchy Cream biscuit

Media Chair: Cameron Glenwright

Cameron follows Chris as this year’s Media Chair, after winning a three-way election in March. He wants to increase training, improve the number of external trips provided to volunteers, and increase the number of students running their own shows.
Degree: Medicinal and Pharmaceutical Chemistry
Fact: Was runner-up in Magician of the Year 2017

Enterprise Chair: Emanuele Maccotta

Emanuele is this year’s Enterprise Chair – he has his own social media company which he set up whilst on placement, helping other businesses with their social media. His manifesto supported increased training, and further student enterprise support.
Degree: Computer Science and Business
Fact: Has started his own businesses

Rag Chair: Hettie Bawden

Hettie succeeds Maz as this year’s Rag Chair, winning a two-way race back in March for the role. In her manifesto, she said she wanted to help extend the Rag family, and increase opportunities for students to fundraise for charities of their choice.
Degree: Geography
Fact: Former England Rower

Action Chair: Jodie Evans

Jodie Evans is LSU’s new Action chair, winning a tight election against Action Vice Chair Tom Calcluth. In her campaign, she stated she felt that Action needed “reinvigorating”, with better attention paid to feedback and appreciating volunteers’ work.
Degree: Medicinal and Pharmaceutical Chemistry
Fact: Received funding to do brain cell research

AU Clubs Officer: Rachel Caverhill

Rachel is 2020’s new AU Clubs Officer – the newest role which sits alongside the Officer Team, whilst not being a Sabbatical Officer. In her campaign, she stated she wanted to hep promote inclusion in the AU, improve the training and support that clubs receive, and help reevaluate and develop new procedures.
Degree: Sports Biomechanics
Fact: Proudest moment was receiving her degree

In tribute to the previous Executive, Fejiro said that he was thankful to them “for remaining helpful and determined to support students where possible despite the events of the previous year” and have helped in “getting … up to speed on current long term work plans for the union as well as developing a theme and plan for this year.”

Matt Youngs told us that the previous team “leave big shoes to fill, but I can’t wait to see the new team take LSU to new heights!”

Make sure to keep up-to-date with everything your new Exec Team does through Label, as they strive to work for you and improve the Loughborough experience.

Photos in this article taken by Dan Hess on behalf of LSU Media.


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