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This year a brand-new team are leading Label into the online age; you may have seen some of our talented editors’ articles up on the Media website. To get to know us better (especially how to win us over with food), this article will give you a little insight to the Label 50 Shades of Purple.

We can’t wait to meet you and get your work out on our platform!


Editor: Amie Woodyatt

Favourite food: That teriyaki kumara I had in Taupo

Most excited about: creating Label’s biggest online presence, ever. (Also, using gifs in articles).

Assistant Editor: Anna Cooper

Favourite food: Steak

Most excited about: taking part in the weekly show!!!

Art Director: Omeiza Haruna

Favourite food: Pepperoni pizza

Most excited about: Label’s unpredictability: you just don’t know what’s coming next. If something just popped up out of the blue, we’d make an article on it.

Head of Design: Princess Woy

Favourite food: Chow Mein

Most excited about: our newsletter and hopefully getting some more engagement with volunteers at Label.

Head of Illustration: Gabriela Stelpe

Favourite food: Sushi

Most excited about: Label growing, and getting more people involved as well as demonstrating out creativity more.

Chief Photographer: Dhwani Dhwani

Favourite food: Cookies, but I also enjoy South Indian and Thai cuisine.

Most excited about: meeting new people and hopefully see a lot more photographs get featured this year.

Culture Editor: Leanne McCarthy

Favourite food: Pasta

Most excited about: working with other people interested in writing and being able to support other creative Loughborough people.

Entertainment Editor: Avelina Joseph

Favourite food: Chinese

Most excited about: helping Label to grow it’s following and get more people writing about all the fun things that Loughborough put on.

Features Editor: Leah Langley

Favourite food: Steak

Most excited about: getting to interact with the university on a different level and be creative with my writing.

Music Editor: Henna Amin

Favourite food: anything edible

Most excited about: all of the sick, creative content we’re going to produce.

News Editor: Izzy Brann

Favourite food: Biscuits (with a cup of tea of course)

Most excited about: meeting new people and getting more people involved.

Sports Editor: Charles Metcalfe

Favourite food: Banana Soreen (If you know, you know)

Most excited about: encouraging people to be involved in a wider range of sports at uni, as opposed to solely the sport they compete in.

Head of social media, online marketing and distribution: Emma Ames

Favourite food: Lasagne

Most excited about: engaging with interesting writers.

Head of social media, online marketing and distribution: Louise Goswell

Favourite food: Mangos

Most excited about: working as part of the team and getting to know everyone.


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Label Editor for 2018-19; Senate Member of the Year 2018-19; a dog person.

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