Assistant Editor, Anna Cooper, bring you an explanation of how to find your way around the Union building. Additional points included by the Editor.


Loughborough Campus is so vast that it will take you a while to find your feet and know where you’re going, but one place you will be familiar with quickly is the LSU building.

On your approach to the union you’ll see the LSU shop, open every day and filled with food, soft and alcoholic drinks, toiletries and not forgetting the Loughborough University stash, which you will see students wearing all over campus. Here, you can collect 4 points for every £1 you spend at any LSU outlet, whether in the shop or buying a drink on a night out. 1 point is the equivalent to 1p and these points build up quickly – you can spend these points at whatever LSU outlet you choose.

The ground floor of the union in the day acts as a study space, with a Starbucks and a Chinese to keep you going throughout the day. Here you can come to do individual work or perhaps meet up to discuss a group task and eat whilst you work. With comfy chairs and couches in Cogz, or tables filling the union floor, there’s always somewhere to meet for a coffee or research for an essay.

However, by night, the union transforms into a 3-roomed club; Cogz, Room 1 and Fusion. Room 1 sits behind JCs, but you can also get to it by turning left out of Cogz. Upstairs, you’ll be able to find Fusion, you can go from the Union, or a staircase at the back of Room 1. From day to night, the space looks unrecognisable.

Upstairs and on the left are the Union Executive offices. This is where those on Exec – which the students have elected, work to give you a voice. They are there to give you the access to support you may need through the Welfare and Diversity system, and to enhance your experience at Loughborough through perhaps sport, media, and the wide range of societies that we have on offer.

This year Action and Rag will both be down the first corridor, while Societies, Welfare and Diversity, Media and the Exec will be down the second corridor. Sports stand out, right in front of you as you walk in, and if you ever feel lost, walk into any office and there will be someone who can tell you where to go.

Upstairs and right, we also have the council chambers, where meetings are held; this is opposite lost property. This corridor also houses another meeting room, the dance studio (puppy petting is held here) and the cloak room. During nights out, the dance studio doubles up as Club Mission, where the centre for faith and spirituality give out biscuits to those who are a little worse for wear.

Remember that even if you feel lost, staff are always happy to point you in the right direction. With just over a week to go until Freshers, you will be recognising this place in no time!


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