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Stage Society are back this week with another original production, ‘Mirrors’ written by Emma Tindall. Label sat down with Emma to ask her a few questions about the production.

Firstly, can you tell us a bit about the play?

 Mirrors is about the story of a young girl who has to deal with her mothers alcoholism and how her relationships with people are affected by her situation. The reason the play is called mirrors is because it is based on reflection, and how Chloe (the protagonist) constantly questions who she is and where she is going to end up, in relation to how her mother has impacted on her life. There are various subplots to the narrative of which the audience have to decide what happened to the family for them to have ended up this way, and what will become of Chloe in the future… will she follow in her mothers footsteps, or will she manage to detach from the toxic life she has been raised in?

You’ve written the play yourself. Were you nervous about seeing it go from the page to the stage?

 Yes I was incredibly nervous! Judgement is my biggest fear, and I had no idea how well it would work when actually put onto the stage. But thankfully I’ve been blessed with a really talented cast who have really brought it to life and am now really looking forward to opening night!

Is this your first time putting on a production like this? Was the experience how you expected?

Of this scale, yes. It’s a lot more stressful than I expected and I didn’t quite anticipate everything that has to be done to make a production flow smoothly, from organising props to ensuring scene transitions are smooth! However co-directing with my good friend Martha McHugh has really calmed my nerves, she’s been great!

Any advice for anyone looking to put on their own production at Loughborough?

DO IT! It’ll be hard work for a while, I’ve been working on mirrors for nearly a year now, but I know on closing night that all the frustrations and stresses will be 100% worth it. I would encourage anyone who writes, or who has a favourite play, to put it on with LSU stage!

Mirrors is being performed Thursday 2nd, Friday3rd and Saturday 4th this week in Leonard Dixon Studio Martin Hall.




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