Curl Up with These Charming Reads to Warm Your October Nights

As the weather begins to get colder, every bookworm knows the innate urge to reach for a book and disappear into another world under a blanket for a few hours. The ceremonial act of unwinding for the day is something that every student can relate to – why not unwind with a book and hot drink? There are certain must-reads and underrated picks, both old and new – hopefully, this curated list of autumnal favourites contains a story that suits your taste and warms you up on these cold nights!


My top picks for fantasy this October are:

1.       The Lost Bookshop – Evie Woods (2023)

Rooted in magical realism, this charming read follows two women drawn together in the pursuit of a hidden manuscript. The novel takes on a dual timeline that challenges of living beyond societal convention. The story is multi-layered and self-reflexive, immersing the reader into connecting storylines and worlds. This book certainly captures the essence of a good autumn read.

2.       The Invisible Life of Addie Larue – V.E. Schwab (2020)

This story is both intercontinental and spans centuries, providing exceptional escapism. Addie Larue’s immortality comes with a catch – she is doomed to be forgotten by everyone she meets, leaving a trail of subtle influence behind her. Addie’s life is forever changed when she meets someone who remembers her, but time is ticking as disastrous consequences loom.


For those who enjoy a cognitive challenge:

1.       The Inheritance Games series – Jennifer Lynn Barnes (2020 –)

When a billionaire mysteriously leaves protagonist Avery his entire fortune, she is left wondering why – and who he is. This fast-paced tale unravels the twisted fate of the young girl forced to grapple with her new home, enraged grandchildren, and the mystery of her presence. Her only option is to play to win. Sure to be beloved by fans of ‘Knives Out’, this book is overflowing with plot twists, romance, and compelling puzzles.

2.       The Seven Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle – Stuart Turton (2018)

At first glance, this novel is a classic murder mystery of a party guest. However, until Evelyn Hardcastle’s death is solved, the day repeats itself, our protagonist waking up in the body of a different guest each day. Trapped in this deadly cycle, there is a sense that there is a force keeping him at the murder site. Wrapped in a deliciously engaging notion, this book demands to be read in a single sitting.


It’s not Spooky Season without a classic thrilling tale:

1.       The Silent Patient – Alex Michaelides (2019)

After shooting her husband, Alicia Berenson takes a vow of silence, boosting her into infamy. A determined therapist is set on uncovering her dark motives. A domestic tragedy reveals horrific truths.

2.       The September House – Carissa Orlando (2023)

Blending horror, mystery and thriller, Orlando’s novel encapsulates the perfect haunted house narrative. Every September, the house in question unleashes ghosts of former residents, drips blood and hides shadows in the dark. Tackling a house begs to keep secrets, the protagonists must fight to keep their home and find their missing father.


For those who like a light-hearted read:

1.       Golden Hour of You and Me – K. Jamila (2022)

Calling all enthusiasts of enemies-to-lovers and close proximity tropes! A fiery relationship brews between Sheyanne and her father’s employee when she returns to her estranged father’s hometown. Sorting her affairs in the home she left behind, Sheyanne navigates the demons of her past and the man presently in front of her, who sees past her defences. This novel will surely leave a smile on your face – a great comfort read.

2.       Love and Other Words – Christina Lauren (2018)

A painful and beautifully written story that delves into the complexities of love and loss. An unlikely event reunites friends. Unlike the typical friends-to-lovers arc, these friends must unpack the betrayal of the past and years of separation. Unassuming at first, this novel is bound to pull on your heartstrings.

Classic must-read novels

These reputable books are sure to not disappoint:

1.       Pride and Prejudice – Jane Austen (1813)

This novel is a must! Heralded as a great literary classic, this Pride and Prejudice has reached international levels from television to film. It follows the story of Elizabeth Bennet in her exploration of love and life in Regency Era Britain. It is impossible to not become attached to the magnetic characters and their sharp wit, particularly between the unlikely pair Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy.

2.       The Kite Runner – Khaled Hosseni (2003)

When discussing classic novels of our time, it is easy to skip over Hosseni’s historical fiction set in 1970s Afghanistan. This devastating story follows boys with discrepancies in wealth who are unexpectedly connected. This historical fiction encompasses betrayal, love, violence and redemption. The knowledge of this book is truly elite – you mustn’t miss out.

This autumn, wrap up, stay warm and enjoy these recommendations!


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