Written by: Maria Fernanda Varney

A university student’s guide to curating a campus ready wardrobe.

As the bustling fashion month comes to a close, the world has beheld a comprehensive fashion forecast as far as spring summer 2024. With this great influx of visual information, sifting through runways can be quite the task, let alone identifying what trends will be prevalent in the long run. Especially when there are lectures to attend, or catch up on… This article will cover how to embrace the latest trends whilst retaining a sense of sustainability and individuality.

Personal style is like a muscle, only through the repetitious act of change can it develop and grow. (I thought this analogy might resonate with any powerbase goers). Take these ideas as inspiration, play around with it, subvert, add more, wear less, just allow yourself 10 more minutes in the morning to experiment.

It is difficult in an age of such digitalisation to avoid the allure of fast fashion, but we must make a conscious choice to navigate the fashion space in a sustainable way. Take advantage of the Loughborough markets running from Thursday through Saturday, hopefully the Hey Ewe and FND hangovers won’t be too rough. Search the abundance of charity shops furnishing the high streets for that perfect find. Shopping second hand provides a sense of self-gratification alongside a much-diversified range of clothes to choose from, compared to the uniformity of fast fashion styles.

Sporting Memorabilia

Time to put those AU kits to good use! This trend is a continuation from summer, with the great surge in popularity of football shirts and to some extent basketball jerseys.

NBA fans I see you walking from Hollywell in your Knicks Jerseys. As we move into the colder months rugby Polos are taking hold, a warmer upgrade to the jersey counterpart. Pair your sporting memorabilia with oversized jeans, or maxi skirts for a mix and match. If you have no sporting memorabilia as a Loughborough student, it is your upmost duty to equip yourself with some. Lucky for you Loughborough is sporting central, you can search for your perfect statement piece in many charity shops or keep an eye out for the union’s vintage sales.

Pop of Red

Looking for a statement colour? Well here it is! Nothing quite says statement like anything red. Red can feel like an intimidating colour for most but I encourage you to try incorporating it into your wardrobe slowly. Start small, wear those random red socks you never reach for, or that red lipstick that sits in bottom of your makeup bag.

Hunt for the slithers of red in your existing wardrobe and embrace that autumnal feel.

Buckle Up

Belts are in! But when have they not been? Try experimenting with your belts to make your looks more interesting. Layer them up, mix silver, leather and gold. It’s quite a natural transition from the festival season of late summer – where carabiners and bum bags were a major festival staples. As we move into Autumn try accessorizing your waist. Try all your belts on! Maximalism is in anyways…

Hoods on Hoods

What is your go to lecture outfit? If your answer included a hoodie, this might be the styling move for you. Gather your hoodies and layer them. You can play around with colours and patterns whilst staying deceivingly warm. Bonus points for hoods on items of clothing that don’t typically have hoods – such as a hooded muscle tee or even a hooded dress. The motto for this season is the more hoods the better.

Edited by: Bola Johnson


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