5 DIY Halloween Costume Ideas That Won’t Break the Bank

Halloween is quickly approaching, and the struggle to create a creative costume without breaking the bank is real. Whether it’s your first Halloween at university or you’re hoping to outdo your prior costumes on a budget, don’t worry!

This article reveals a number of DIY Halloween costume ideas that are inexpensive while allowing you to express your creativity.

1. “Barbie and Ken”

    If you’re anything like us, you’re still reeling from the Barbie movie. Now is your chance to take part in Barbiecore! Whether you want to unleash your inner Sporty Barbie by wearing vibrant neon colours and a fanny pack. Or perhaps Cow Girl Barbie in a gorgeous cowgirl inspired pink denim piece, or just simply remind everyone that you’re Ken-ough in his classic hoodie, or with some blue double denim action. The primary goal is to become the physical embodiment of pink.

    2. “Beyonce’s Renaissance Tour Outfits”

    As Beyonce’s Renaissance concert recently concluded, let’s recapture some of her iconic energy by recreating some of her memorable concert ensembles. Whether it’s her “hand’s-on” bodysuit reproduced with a nude bodysuit and potentially sketching on hands with a black washable marker, or her Beyhive outfit tying together black and yellow clothing, this costume is guaranteed to turn heads.

    3. “Ellie and Joel”

    For those searching for an uncomplicated look, try a different spin on your standard zombie/apocalyptic costume with a style inspired by the TV programme adaption of the video game, The Last of Us. To effortlessly duplicate Ellie’s style, all you need is a simple long sleeve shirt, jeans and converse with a backpack, or a casual plaid shirt with a pair of black or green trousers and some boots to mimic Joel’s fashion. And if you’re feeling particularly creative, don’t be afraid to add the final touches with makeup or SFX makeup to complete the post-apocalyptic survivor look.

    4. “Teen Titans”

    Create your own superhero persona without spending a fortune. Combine basic clothing items with imaginative embellishments to create an amazing ensemble for a fun, light-hearted spin on a superhero Halloween costumes. The Teen Titans lineup offers a number of costume options, whether you want to duplicate the character’s looks as a couple (i.e. robin and starfire) or by yourself. Starfire’s lively personality is reflected through her vibrant style, which may be replicated by wearing a purple two-piece with thigh high boots. For a more mysterious vibe, Raven’s gloomy style represents her everyday conflict with good and evil within herself, thus she sticks to dark tones like dark purple and a black bodysuit, accentuated with red/gold jewellery.

    5. “Winx Club”

    By combining elements from your favourite Winx character, you can transform into an alluring fairy. You’ll be casting spells in style with wings that match the girl’s colour scheme (such an all-pink outfit and green wings to match Flora) and loads of glitter.

    With these DIY costume ideas, you can let your imagination run wild as your wallet breathes a sigh of relief. So gather your creative supplies, release your inner creativity, and turn heads this Halloween with your iconic and witty costumes.


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