On Wednesday 25th January we saw the return of BUCS competitions after the Christmas break. Sports Editor Jasmine Trapnell reports on the Basketball Big Match hosted on Loughborough campus.

The first BUCS Wednesday of 2023 was a big one here at Loughborough, with 3 back to back home basketball games, they really put on a show! Not only did all 3 Loughborough teams win, but they all won comfortably, having at least a 25-point lead!

Our men’s 2nd team kicked the night off against Birmingham City – storming through to the first win of the night, with a final score of 103-71. The stands started to fill out with students, staff and families coming down to watch.

Next on the court was Loughborough women’s 1st team vs Northumbria women. Whilst the first quarter was close, again Loughborough managed to pull away and win 75-50, also making them the league champions! In a post-game interview Alia Khaled celebrated being league champions and said how they’ll be using this momentum to take them forward into the playoffs.

For the final game of the night, the stands had now completely filled out and the atmosphere intensified. Our men’s 1st team ran out onto the court, ready to take the stage against the Northumbria men’s team. Winning the tip-off our Loughborough men’s 1st team continued to dominate and showcase their talent through-out.

At half time the score was 45-32 to Loughborough, but in the second half our men really settled into the game and showed off their skill with some fantastic plays. The game started to get heated as Loughborough put on the pressure, the crowds chanted and the opponents crumbled. But Loughborough just couldn’t be stopped – winning 101-68, an impressive 33-point win!

Image shows Blake Bowman mid-air about to dunk

Edited by – Jasmine Trapnell (Sports Editor)

Photography – Felix Cross (Lens Volunteer)


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