Loughborough Students’ Union have announced that this week’s remaining club nights will be cancelled after a rise in Covid cases.

In their statement, LSU are “aware that nightclubs can still legally operate under the current Government guidelines” but, the growing rise of Covid cases, particularly the Omicron variant, is concerning.

This means that Hey Ewe, Incognito and FND will be cancelled this week.

In regards to refunds, LSU have announced that “all original ticket holders will be automatically refunded over the next couple of weeks”. However, the SU are “unable to refund Season Pass tickets”, due to the fact “they have no monetary value and the savings that come from buying a Season Pass out value the three events we had to cancel”.

With this being said, the smaller venues within the SU building – John Cooper’s and The Lounge – are going to remain open until 11pm. LSU is also recommending visitors to take a LFT (Lateral Flow Test) before visiting if you are not vaccinated and wearing a mask is advised when moving indoors.

Read the LSU statement here.


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