After the Taliban have seized the Afghan capital of Kabul, it is a terrifying and life-threatening time for civilians. When looking at ways to help those in need, many of us do not know where to start. Because of this, here is a list of resources and organisations which need our help in supporting Afghans in this horrific and cataclysmic time in Afghan history.


Many in Afghanistan are not able to afford air travel in an effort to flee the country. Because of this, the organisation Miles4Migrants allows you to donate your airline miles to refugees and asylum seekers as well as their immediate family members. After the horrific video of Afghans fleeing to the airport and hanging onto the side of a moving aircraft, this campaign helps those who have legal approval to travel but cannot afford airfares.

Rukhshana Media

It is evident that the seizing of Afghanistan is detrimental for Afghan women – who are at risk of forced marriage to Taliban members as well as being murdered for their involvement in the advocation for women’s education and the government. Journalist Amie Ferris-Rotman wrote on Twitter:

Female Afghan journalists are also being targeted by the terrorist organisation. Because of this, an important group we can all support is Rukhshana Media – a journalism group made up of Afghan women who are doing inspiring and honourable reporting in their home country. Any donation, however big or small, will make a huge difference and support this group of brave women.

Sahar Speaks

Another organisation we can all rally behind and support is Sahar Speaks. Sahar Speaks supports Afghan female reporters and their work in the country. It is important that we amplify the voices of Afghans and what they are going through.

What To Do and What Not To Do

Educating ourselves on what’s going on in Afghanistan is key. Even though this thread is mainly directed at those in the United States, it is all incredibly valuable information which can also be applied to the UK. Bushra Ebadi provides an incredibly useful Twitter thread on the things we should and should not do when supporting Afghanistan and Afghans.

Contacting Your MP

Thousands are attempting to flee Afghanistan to safety and this can prove to be incredibly dangerous. Because of this, we can all contact our MPs and ask them to push for more legal and safe routes to the UK in Parliament. One way to do this is to directly email your MP or, you can use this resource created by JCWI UK.


An Afghan based startup that needs immense help in staying active and running is Ehtesab. Ehtesab is an app that sends security alerts to Kabul residents and informs those about what is going on in the capital. The team work round-the-clock in ensuring Afghans in Kabul receive these alerts and they are hoping to expand to other areas in the country too. The team need your help so, donations would be incredibly helpful to the work they are doing in supporting Afghans in Kabul.


Any donation and support, however big or small, is incredibly crucial during these times for Afghans. Be sure to vocalise their voices and experiences and educate yourself properly on the matter.


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