Label spoke to your Action Chair candidate for the 2021 Exec Elections!

Jodie Evans

What are the main points of your manifesto?

I want to bring the good points we’ve managed to do whilst we have been in the pandemic and incorporate them into the best things about Action before the pandemic.

What previous experience do you have which is important to the role?

I have been in the role for the past year. Prior to that I had been in the Action Committee for the past two years; firstly as the Collaborations Officer and then secondly as the Departments Coordinator. Before that, I was the SIO for Chemistry and Towers Hall Rep.

How will you encourage the participation of halls and departments?

I’ve always been involved with departments during my entire time at Loughborough. I was part of the Department Student Federation for four years so, that is probably one of my strongest points. We tend to think Action is one of the stronger sections with our engagement from departments. We have been working this year with getting department specific projects so, having the SIOs to come up with their own projects for their departments going forward. Because of the pandemic it has been hindered quite a bit but, this is something we would like to push further next year. With hall engagement it has been really good, we have teams go out every week. This year 2e do more Alpaca Projects than normal years and we have had them involved with our campaigns more. Last year they didn’t get too involved with Operation Jingle Bells but, this year we had them very focussed on it – we hit a thousand toys donated this year with their help! I think learning from practices last year and previous years gone by and using them to help us engage with halls more going forward.

What sort of projects would you like to create and push for students?

I’m quite big on brokerage projects so, those are projects which are run externally. A lot of organisations and charities will have their own volunteer groups and they look to recruit younger people so, a lot of times they will come and contact us. This year we have started three new brokerage projects and we are hoping to push more next year. It means that people who have a specific skill set can get more involved so, we are looking to work with the helipad and the Helicopter Trust. People who are interested in helicopters and that side of things, they can volunteer with them. They can then learn specific skills rather than the baseline skills they get from our normal projects.


Voting closes on Friday 14th May at 4pm!


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