Loughborough Students’ Union has released more details about the refurbishment taking place in their building.

The Students’ Union have said that they had “began working with the University” to get funding for a new Union building, and had already conducted a series of focus groups looking at what the “key requirements” were for new spaces.

The focus groups concluded that the Students’ Union needed to be an “inclusive, open, bright and airy” place that would be suitable for a “broad range of activities” with utilisation options for daytime and nighttime events.

COVID-19, LSU stated, has impacted their income “significantly” and has had “many implications” to the creation of a new Union building.

According to the statement, Loughborough Students’ Union “held consultations” in February with “student volunteers and representatives” to “ensure the renovation aligned with student’s needs”, and that they “got the green light”.

The renovation is taking place in three phases:

Phase One: Renovations to the downstairs of the Union Building, including reception, gallery doors, Piazza, Cogs, and Room 1.

Phase Two: Renovations to Fusion

Phase Three: Renovations to JCs

LSU announced that the work on “phase one” has already begun, with the aim to complete this phase by “mid-May”.

The works will refresh the look and feel of the downstairs of the Union Building, and expand the types of events LSU are able to offer to its members.

Ideas for “Monthly Comedy Nights” and “Student Performance Nights” have been proposed by the Executive Team, and are now open to voting by students on the Union’s ‘Ideas Forum’.

They have also shared an artist’s interpretation of what the new downstairs of the building will look like in May:

A bird’s eye view of the ground floor redevelopment (artist’s interpretation)
A South-Facing view of the Union ground floor (artist’s interpretation)
An East-Facing view of the Union ground floor (artist’s interpretation)
A new Union entrance, where the entrance to Manchurian used to be.
An artist’s interpretation of a newly refurbished Piazza
A Bird’s Eye view of a newly refurbished Cogs (artist’s interpretation)

Thanks to Loughborough Students’ Union for sharing concept images



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