It has been announced that from the end of this year the AU Clubs Officer will no longer be an elected position within the LSU Executive Team and instead will become a 2 year graduate position.

Currently the elected student representatives for sport are the AU Clubs Officer (Rachel Caverhill) & Sport Executive Officer (James Greer). Their role is to run and promote sporting activities within LSU and to provide support and guidance to each of its 60 clubs and their 5,000 members.

In a statement to AU club members, the Sport EO explained that following consultations with the AU Exec & LSU Exec Team the AU Clubs Officer roles will cease to stand as an elected position.

Among the reasons given for this decision was that very few candidates run for the position in the Exec Elections and that the role has evolved to be a support and development role with additional LSU representative responsibilities. This has resulted in a struggle between the administrative and operational aspects expected of the role becoming difficult to fulfil alongside the LSU Exec responsibilities.

The position has only existed for 2 years after being introduced during the 2018 Exec Restructure as the replacement for the AU intern. The remit for the new position at the time was to oversee the AU Clubs and work closely with the Sports EO to work towards greater diversity and inclusivity within sports at Loughborough.

The new graduate position will have many of the same responsibilities for the support of AU clubs and the AU Executive, while their LSU responsibilities as part of the Exec team will be passed to the Sport EO. The new role will continue to support administration and operations alongside the Athletic Union Senior Administrator and Administrator.

This is a breaking story and will be updated as we have more information.



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