After many school and university students returned to school earlier this month, Returning volunteer Label writer Ada Ughanwa discusses whether she thinks the government were right to reopen learning institutions so early. 

On Monday 8th March, both university students deemed essential and needed in-person teaching and pupils in school were able to return to their formal educational establishments.

This time around the government has been very selective in choosing who can attend university in person whereas before, all university students could attend. The main difference from September is the fact that students have to engage in weekly testing to ensure that their university campus remains Covid free.

I believe that both students in school and at university are being admitted into learning too early. Our cases have been going down greatly however, most of the population still await their vaccines. With this in mind, it’s very dangerous to allow young people to attend institutions, who for the most part suffer minor symptoms if they contract the virus. It was for this exact reason that the virus began spreading when schools, colleges and university’s where allowed to open previously. Although masks are now mandatory within indoor settings at these institutions and regular testing is in place, it is still too early to let students in. I understand the governments concerns about catching up on lost time spent in lockdown, but health and safety should be paramount in every decision made.

An alternative could be to have summer schools and shorten Easter to make up for the lost time for all students. But to rally all students, or indeed most students in secondary education, is going back to herd immunity which we wish to detract ourselves from.

I share my greatest sympathies for this government as no one could handle such a task considering it’s unprecedented nature. However, on this occasion I will have to politely disagree on the actions taken by the government.

Edited by Izzie Naish – News Editor

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