Volunteer writer Leah Langley shares with us a poem of hope, bringing some light with her beautiful words on new beginnings.

I will begin again as the girl who has a degree,

The one who can be proud and full of glee.

I will share my accomplishment with those I hold dear,

The ones who kept me going, the reason I am here.


I will begin again as a student once more,

The idea of continuing learning is one I adore.

I will spend my time with those who are wise,

The ones who inspire me and want me to rise.


I will begin again as a mother and maybe wife,

The pieces coming together to form a great life.

I will fill the house with love, comfort and care,

The most welcoming place, if I do so declare.


I will begin again as the girl who reached her dream,

The one who succeeded despite it seeming extreme.

I will hold my book, filled with my story to share,

The pages hold my soul; I’ve finally laid it bare.

Header by volunteer designer Molly Goldby



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